Flying Sushi Kitchen

Ages: 5 and upManufacturer: RedwoodVentures

Attention Iron Chefs! The object of this flying food themed game is to earn money by using chopsticks to grabbing floating sushi pieces out of the air and place them on a tray.

Players draw a card from the deck to determine which ping pong ball sushi pieces are loaded onto the bamboo stalk-styled air vents. Once the ingredients are ready to go, players push a button and the sushi balls pop up and float in the air. Using the chopsticks, players work to grasp the balls and place them on their trays to complete the order within the allotted time. If the player completes the order, he wins a token that represents the money earned from the order. The first player to earn $25 in orders wins the game! Focus, patience, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are required and honed.

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