Fun Forts Building Kit

Ages: 4 and upManufacturer: Trident LLC


The Fun Forts Building Kit contains 52 connecting plastic rods (15.7” inches long) and 29 spheres (2.5 inches in diameter) and a guidebook.

Similar in concept to classic Tinker Toys, there are unending opportunities for building and design. The basic kit can build an igloo, a tent, a house, or other structures real or imagined.

The rods and spheres are large enough for smaller hands to manage. The challenge of getting the right angles for the structures’ design and stability teach children about problem solving; it is one of the kit’s biggest appeals. The more it is used, the more challenging and fun it is.

Yes, at first, some adult assistance may be required to help younger builders. And if the adults can bear to relinquish the rods and spare the spheres, they’ll see what wonderfully creative children they have in their lives. This seemingly simple kit returns days and days of playful learning.

Added bonus? When disassembled, the kit is compact and easy to store.


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