Ages: 6 - 11Producer: Apple TV+Rating: TV G - General Audience

Ghostwriter is an engaging series centered around four teens who become friends as they’re thrown together when eerie things begin to happen in an old and dusty bookshop. Ruben has just moved to town, lives with his mom above his grandfather’s bookstore and is having a hard time adjusting. One day at school, he spills his soup, causing star athlete Curtis to hurt his shoulder, so when Curtis shows up in the bookstore with his little sister, Donna, Ruben is surprised and reluctant to say hello. Also in the store at the time is family friend and fellow classmate, Chevon. The four soon-to-be sleuths are puzzled and intrigued when writing appears in some spilled orange juice and a message appears on the pages of a blank journal.

In episode one, Alice in Wonderland characters magically appear and need to find their way back into a book. The team of teens must contend with the fact that they are the only ones who can see The White Rabbit, Alice and Mad Hatter. It causes some problems for them at school, to say the least. The four bond as the fictional come-to-life characters lead them from the bookshop to a school science room, a tea party no one can see, and, ultimately, to the principal’s office. It’s quite an adventure.

The show began airing on PBS in 1992 and ended in 1995. It kicked around as reruns aired on PBS and ABC for a while. It’s new incarnation has arrived on Apple + TV. As the drama deftly unfolds in each episode, by the end, the viewer is left hanging — and wanting more. With stories that illustrate friendship, problem-solving, reading and family respect, let’s hope Ghostwriter stays visible for a long time.


Ann Oldenburg ©2020 Parents’ Choice

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