Glitter Girls All Asparkle Acres

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Maison Battat Inc

The All Asparkle Acres set is a 20-piece horse stable filled with everything needed to care for a 14″ doll and her horse. The playset includes an English saddle, a bridle with reins, a rope tether, a feeding bucket and scoop, a grooming tote, a horse sweat scraper and hoof pick, a spray bottle, a curry brush, one grooming, one stringy and one fuzzy mitt, a riding crop, a carrot and two apple halves, and a (nonfunctioning) lantern. Doll and horse are sold separately.

Oh, the squeals of delight when this package was opened! In our family of readers, we just finished a book series about a girl who unexpectedly ended up on a ranch with her own horse. My daughters play with this stable daily, sometimes for hours at a time, pretending their dolls are teaching each other how to ride and care for their horses.

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