Green Kid Crafts

Ages: 5 - 10Manufacturer: Green Kid Crafts Subscription Price: $ 19.95 per Month


Green Kid Crafts is a monthly subscription box service promoted as STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) with up to six themed activities, a 12-page activity guide and achievement badges. Subscriptions start at $19.95 per month, plus $5.95 shipping and are available as Junior Discovery Boxes for ages 2-4, or Discovery Boxes for age 5-10. 

Each kit explores a science theme: color, rockets, kitchen, animals, etc. through craft activities. For example, our young testers made a paper bee hive lantern (with a little adult assistance), a wax insect, a yarn bug, a magnified bug catcher and insect stickers. They painted a watercolor butterfly and played insect tic tac toe. By making the craft projects, they learned the life cycle of a butterfly, we were introduced to different types of bees, what they do and why they’re important, and how to re-purpose items (including the box) to help our environment. Each craft was appealing and prompted questions and learning. After practicing pronouncing and spelling entomology, they took the insect magnifier outside and looked for bugs to observe and describe: what are the wings like? Are the legs furry? How many body segments? 

The Green Kids Craft kits live up to the name. All components are USA made, earth friendly, and nothing is wasted, not even the box.

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