Grow With Me Racer

Ages: 2 - 4Manufacturer: Radio Flyer, Inc.

This remote-control racer is designed with long-term play value in mind. The three stages: completely adult driven, child driven with adult override ability, and completely child driven, ensure that while it’s fun at every step, it’s also safe. Using a remote control, grown-ups are able to either totally control the movements of the car, or only step in and override the child when they see something unsafe, be it in the child’s movements, or unsafe conditions.

The remote has forward, backwards, right, and left directional buttons with ranges in between for smaller movements. There’s also the fun option of spinning 360 degrees. The child directed buttons on the steering wheel go forward, back, left, right, or spin. Our testers appreciated that the mode button is found under the seat, which helps prevent little drivers from changing the mode. Parents also appreciated the 80ft range and if the car goes outside of that, it shuts off completely. With a 43lb weight limit, the rechargeable battery lets the car ride at a steady 2mph which our testers found perfect for the recommended age and for family walks.

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