Gumball Machine Maker

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Thames & Kosmos


The Thames & Kosmos gumball machine meets marble run meets roller coaster meets pinball machine meets construction toy is a serious science kit. Here, 12 hands-on experiments are practical physics lessons that teach about momentum, force, motion, gravity and more. The payoff is delicious.

The 52 plastic building pieces include different size track segments, and other parts including a pulley lift, pendulum, rubber band trampoline, and dominoes all designed to make the gumball performances exhibit a different scientific principle.

For example: The 180-degree smooth track demonstrates mass, gravity, speed, and velocity. The momentum trap track demonstrates inertia, elastic collision, and inelastic collision. The variable-slope track, an example of a simple machine, demonstrates work and energy (potential and kinetic). The centripetal force funnel demonstrates rotational inertia. The pendulum attachment demonstrates equilibrium and center of mass. The 16 page full color manual gives directions explanations of which principle each experiment is designed to prove.

When some children needed assistance, in understanding, procedure, or assembly, the adults happily answered the call. Not only were our testers intrigued by the concept (gumballs in science?!) challenged by the experiments and pleased with their accomplishments, they’re still playing and reimagining – weeks after the testing period concluded.


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