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Hack is a fully functioning laptop designed to be used for homework, playing games and safely browsing the internet. It’s safe, ad-free and virus-resistant. The pre-installed apps and tools include Chrome, Calculator, Skype, Office Suite, Scratch, Spotify, Steam and more. That’s just for starters.

What makes Hack special is the capability and catalyst for users to access and modify the source code. Kids can change the parameters and see the results, in real time. By continually encouraging young learners to explore coding, and hack the computer in order to customize it, Hack creatively teaches coding by tapping into a child’s natural curiosity. Questions like what the computer is made of, how the operating system is setup are too tempting to ignore. Hack uses Endless, a Linux based operating system.

There’s a library of content to download and hack – all within in a safe environment. The portfolio is brimming with learning and educational choices, multimedia, work, games, development tools and utility apps. Characters based on historical icons in computer science (Ada Lovelace, Richard Feynman, Mary Jackson, Dennis Ritchie … ) guide kids through quests and provide coding challenges. The “Hackable” content unlocks as player’s skills develop, ensuring interest across a range of ages. The first six months of content is free. After that, it’s $9.99 per month per family.

The 14″ ASUS E406MA laptop weighs 2.86 lbs, has 4GB memory, Intel® Pentium® Silver N5000 Processor and the battery lasts all day. It comes with the regular ports: Micro SD, 2x USB, Headphone combo jack, HDMI and includes power supply, badges and some fun stickers for personalization.


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