Hearts of Heroes

Ages: 13 - 16Producer: Litton Entertainment Rating: TV G - General Audience

Meteorologist Ginger Zee hosts this documentary series spotlighting heroes who help those affected by natural disasters.  Heroes include first responders and neighbors helping neighbors in their time of need.

In the Season 1 opener, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc across Texas and Louisiana in 2017, and first responders and citizens alike responded to calls for help after the Category 4 storm’s devastating wind and flooding.  Stories are recalled through news footage, home video, and original video and interviews with victims and the heroes who came to their aid.

Another episode focuses on residents of a California town called Paradise, and people affected by the state’s infamous Camp Fire in 2018.  A woman and her newborn infant need to be evacuated when the wildfire ended up at the hospital’s doorstep, and gripping photography follows the ambulance’s path through the terrifying inferno.  The episode also includes an explanation of factors that contributed to the Camp Fire’s rapid spread; and first responders provide tips for viewers if they are threatened by a wildfire.

In another episode, students help each other after an earthquake damages their Alaskan school; and people face flooding after Hurricane Florence devastates the Carolinas in 2018. Not only do heroes work tirelessly to help humans, they also work to save animals affected by the high water.

Footage of natural disasters is intense so parents may need to help their children manage worries about similar situations affecting them, but, overall, Hearts of Heroes stresses preparedness and spotlights interesting and inspiring tales.


Gina Catanzarite ©2020 Parents’ Choice

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