Hero Hotel

Ages: 7 - 12Producer: Pinna Subscription Price: $ 7.99 per Month

Created by Yehudi Mercado (based on his comic graphic novel), and written by Mercado, Haley Mancini and Geoffrey Golden, this sci-fi fantasy is fueled by superhero parody and off-the-wall, kid-appropriate humor. When 10-year-old Chet takes a summer job at his Grandma Zee’s luxury Hero Hotel for vacationing (and needy and demanding) superheroes that include his idol, Nobel Metal, his aspirations to be helpful don’t go so well. Chet doesn’t give up, even when his best friend, Boomer the cat, wreaks havoc after drinking “power milk” and morphing into a talking feline with superpowers that include a disintegration hairball. A lively narrator sets up the episodes, provides commentary, and interrupts the action with movie trailer parodies as Chet’s helpfulness and mischievous Boomer’s increasing superpowers lead to numerous comical dilemmas and disasters. These include a Trashzilla monster, an amnesiac space robot, an earworm-inducing “glam-rock” singer, an electrified supervillain, and a band of abandoned sidekicks. Will Boomer go supernova? What toothy evil lurks in the Nether Swamp? And will Chet get fed up with Grandma Zee and the superheroes and become a super-villain, too? Listeners can expect more than one twist before the show ends.


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