Ages: 8 - 14Producer: Hachette Audio


Michael Fry and James Patterson have done it again. They’ve created a misfit in a longline of supervillains. Fry’s wit floods his characters. His understanding of middle school angst, as well as humor, paint Victor Spoil, his parents, and his mentor with strokes of age appropriate genius.

Much his parents’ dismay, Victor Spoil is hopeless. He’s a neat freak, polite, safety and health conscious. In short, he doesn’t have the DNA of a supervillain. How, after generations of legendary supervillains, is this possible? Can an apprenticeship with The Smear keep him from living his life as a civilian?

Although Victor Spoil may not like the costume of a super villain, Noah Smith is perfectly suited for the role as narrator. Smith gets, and delivers, Michael Fry’s world.

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