I Dig It! Treasure – Pirate Treasure

Ages: 7 and upManufacturer: Thames & Kosmos


Shiver me excavators. The treasure is waiting to be found.

The kit includes instructions to prepare a surface (our moms say thank you!) a plaster block that holds the treasure (2 metal coins, 2 small beads, 5 plastic gemstones,  and a larger skull bead) and the tools  (hammer, chisel and sponge) to uncover them. The pamphlet guide introduces best practices of archaeologists, the background of pirate flags, and why treasure islands are so named. After all the trinkets are uncovered, cleaned, and displayed, young pirates can get crafty and use the skull and beads to make a keychain.

Learn how to tie a reef knot to fashion a pirate’s keychain for the skull and beads!


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