Ages: 6 and upProducer: Hachette Audio


Hilarious. Profound. Charming. Delightful. My adjectives seem so plain and boring after listening to Chris Harris’ I’m Just No Good at Rhyming, in which every line is a gem and every word sparkles.

Consider the very the first poem — “The Door,” which notes that it may be “nothing more than a door ? but through there is everywhere you’ve never been.”

Or the start of the title poem: I’m just no good at rhyming/It makes me feel so bad/ I’m just no good at rhyming/And that’s why I’m so ? blue , listeners of all ages will be tickled by the wordplay, wit, and rhythm.

Some of the poems are silly, such as reciting the word “avocado” twenty times, in almost as many ways. And some are lovely — like the one that about how grown-ups are better at a lot of things, such as driving, working and filing reports, but children are better at dreaming and playing and hugging.

One of my favorite works is titled “My Dessert Tummy,” in which the word “flummox” is used to rhyme with “stomachs,” and “delicious, spacious and voracious” are used to describe the author’s dessert tummy. An all candy diet/would not satisfy it.

Robert Petkoff’s delivery moves through the collection rather quickly, but brilliantly delivers just the right punch time and time again.

Ann Oldenburg ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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