Interview with My Grandma: An Interactive Journal to Investigate Our Family History

Ages: 8 - 12Publisher: Castle Point Books Author: Courtney Littler



Interview with My Grandma is one in a crowded field of family-history and oral-history books designed to encourage children to learn interactively about the personal backgrounds of significant family members. In this case, it’s Grandma telling the tales.

This spiral-bound journal tries to not only enable kids to easily initiate those sit-down-and-listen-story opportunities that often are neglected until it’s too late, but also invites children to reflect on what they are learning about Grandma, and how it relates to their own lives.

As kids work through the vertical flip pages, one side prompts categories of questions for Grandma to answer (Childhood, School Days, Likes and Dislikes, Our Family, etc.), and the other side address the children’s reaction and own stories (their thoughts, hypothetical situations, family anecdotes and own memories). The book embraces different ways of learning and expressing through various “activities,” such as writing poems about Grandma, drawing her portrait, and making lists about favorite things to do with her.

Interview with My Grandma attempts to embrace expressing memories, feelings and introspection—both Grandma’s and of the child’s. And that’s what separates this cross-generational conversation kickstarter from many similar publications.

Don Oldenburg ©2019 Parents’ Choice

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