Inventor Kit

Ages: 2 - 11Manufacturer: Infento

This wildly inventive construction kit includes 498 high quality parts (wheels, pedals, handles, breaks, metal profile pieces, etc.) and all the washers, nuts and bolts needed to build eight different riding vehicles. That’s eight full size functioning rides, not mini collectibles.

After having been wowed by the kit’s contents, our testers perused the Infento website, chose a project and downloaded the manual. One group chose a scooter, and before even riding it for the first time, modifications and personalization were underway. Which is exactly the point of the open-ended design.

Another group chose the Speedster, a particularly complex build, which took five hours. Mom and Dad reported that the packaging, well written instructions and the elegantly fitting parts ensured a smooth build. Although at 40lbs the Speedster itself is quite heavy, it’s easily pedaled by a five and seven-year old. This fun loving and creative family has talked about the potential to modify this with motors, lights and other gadgets.

When your child is ready for a new ride challenge, build another one per Infento specs, or design and build something new to keep pace with the rider’s capability. The quality of the parts will last through the re-builds. And the journey is as much fun as the result.

For those who wince at the $399 price tag, consider this: in addition to the great value per ride (under $50 each) the Inventor Kit provides invaluable learning experiences.

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