It Rained Warm Bread: Moishe Moskowitz’s Story of Hope

Ages: 8 and upPublisher: Macmillan USA Author: Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet, Hope Anita SmithIllustrator: Lea Lyon


At thirteen, Moishe Moskowitz was well acquainted with persecution as a Jewish boy living in Kielce, Poland.  Bullied by several Catholic boys, Moishe was clever enough to gain protection by doing their schoolwork for them. Nothing, however, could protect Moishe, his parents, older brother, or younger sister from the Nazis’ invasion of Poland.

The story of Moishe’s enormous suffering and miraculous survival is told by his daughter, Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet to the poet, Hope Anita Smith, who transforms his story into spare, eloquent poetry. It Rained Warm Bread, the event for which the book is named, was an act of extraordinary kindness by women of a Czechoslovakian town as the Jews were being transported in cattle cars – giving the prisoners both nourishment and hope.

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