Jet’s Bot Builder

Ages: 3 - 8Developer: PBS Kids

Jet’s Bot Builder is an app designed to help kids learn problem-solving through building and customizing a robot to explore space, overcoming obstacles and collecting resources along the way.

Jet’s Robot Builder has kids building robots with different capabilities – a tall or short body, a variety of robot arms, radar “ears”, a variety of wheels, treads and springs. Using different robot configurations, kids can navigate levels, locating spare parts to build new capabilities for their robots. As it uses a traditional side-scrolling format, the game will feel familiar to most young players. The twist of having to change around the robot’s parts to get around – even having to go back to explore previously-solved levels for hidden items – makes this game quite a bit of fun. As playful learners progress in the game, challenge levels appear which are tailored to their abilities. These levels will help kids experiment with even more combinations of parts, to find new ways to overcome obstacles and solve problems.

There’s a lot of content here, giving players plenty of return value. Overall, this app does a commendable job leading kids through some basic problem solving, using some cute and fun mechanics. A missed opportunity though: the app brings players to different planets and moons. Unfortunately, no information is shared about the unique characteristics of the planets, including the differences in force of gravity. We’ll await the updates.

Jennifer Wells ©2019 Parents’ Choice

For more than 20 years, Jennifer has been developing play experiences for children, with beloved organizations like Highlights and LEGO. With a Master’s degree in Children & Media, a Bachelor’s in Music, and a love of Star Trek, Jennifer has many layers.

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