Jimu Astrobot

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: UBTECH Robotics

Introducing Jimu, the new line of building and coding character robot kits from UBTECH. These fun-to-build robots accommodate different skill levels and combine robotics and programming in an innovative way; play takes place in both the physical world, and a virtual world via the accompanying free and well-designed app. The app guides kids to 1) build using the 3D animated app instructions, 2) program actions using the Jimu PRP (Pose Record, Play) system, and 3) use drag and drop Blocky coding to create and design movement sequences.

The AstroBot kit guides building and programing for an AstroBot, Rover, or Astron robot, with pre-programmed commands that include clap, hug, sleep, dance and stretch. From there, young imaginations will explore galaxies of creative building and coding. Needless to say, our testers were over the moon, and under the dining room table.

This kit includes everything needed to get started: 371 snap-together parts, all-terrain treads, 1 infrared sensor (that allows the bot to sense things in front of it and aids in navigation when coding), 1 speaker, 2 LEDs, and 5 smooth motion robotic servo motors, and power adapter. The customizable LED light helps the robots navigate the dark and personalizes facial expressions for more fun. The step-by-step animated 3D, 360 ° instructions demonstrate how to click or attach the pieces and parts together, aiding a successful launch on first stage projects, and accelerating the confidence to add complexity to their designs.

Although not inexpensive, the multi-use robots teach valuable building, coding and STEM skills as well as focus, concentration and persistence. To us, that’s an investment worth making.

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