Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Fat Brain Toys


Jixelz pieces look like they’ve jumped right off the screen. These puzzling craft kits are available in two sizes: the 700 piece kits builds two designs (without dismantling) and the 1500 piece kits make four individual designs or one ginormous one. Small kit themes include food, robots and pets; the larger “Up in the Air” kit makes a bird, a rocket, a plane and a hot air balloon or one YUGE parrot on a perch.

Each design has a template and a guide to the number and color of pieces needed. While some of the colors on the instructions are somewhat difficult to discern (light blues, greys and browns) patience and concentration win out. Some testers used a process of elimination to find the cloaked colors.

After our testers completed the template designs and displayed their completed works for a few days, they went on to blaze own pixelated path to creativity.

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