Journey with Dylan Dreyer

Ages: 13 - 16Producer: Litton Entertainment

Taking a journey with Dylan Dreyer means sitting back, relaxing and seeing beautiful vistas as they unfold on your tv screen.

Dreyer, an NBC meteorologist, has a clear, expressive delivery as she imparts information about whatever locale is being spotlighted. It’s too bad she doesn’t actually go on location. She’s in a studio speaking while the footage plays. But it doesn’t really matter.

In an episode on Baja, California, Dreyer narrates as naturalist experts explain and explore the local flora and fauna. “I cannot stay away,” says passionate biologist Ileana Ortego, as she is shown diving with sharks. Gray whales and elephant seals migrate to the area from Alaska. Terns flock to the land by the thousands. Ospreys are spotted all along the coast. It’s a mesmerizing experience with Dreyer’s explanations, the experts’ enthusiasm and the overall information and beautiful film footage. It all makes for an educational and enjoyable viewing package that’s a notch above the usual travelogue show.

And Baja’s just one place Dreyer has taken viewers. You’ll find the same beautiful film footage and intriguing facts from experts off the coast of Spain diving to the ocean floor or visiting a meteor crater near Winslow, Arizona. Or anyplace else the show journeys to. Pop-up fact boxes help explain more about the area. From the outer reaches of space exploration to the literal bottom of the ocean, it’s fun and fascinating to take a Journey with Dylan Dreyer


Ann Oldenburg ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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