Jumbo Minds’ Science ABCs Set – Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics

Ages: All Ages - All AgesPublisher: Jumbo Minds, Inc.Author: A.C. LemonwoodIllustrator: David Cowles


Combining pithy definitions of scientific terms and colorful illustrations, the engaging and inventive Jumbo Mind’s Science ABCs series, is designed to provide young learners with an introduction to basic scientific knowledge. The series, which includes separate titles for Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, arranges the terms and concepts included in in alphabetic order. Not surprisingly, given the subject matter, a few of the terms and concepts included in the series (for example, Newton’s Laws of Motion and photosynthesis) prove difficult to explain and illustrate for readers in this age group and will require repeated readings in order for young readers or listeners to comprehend. For the most part, however, both the definitions and the images which accompany them are simple and accessible. A Cell is defined as “a small blob filled with parts that all work together to make life”; a Habitat is defined as animal’s “neighborhood”; and a Zephyr is defined as “a soft wind” or “a gentle breeze.” The pictures that accompany each definition are equally imaginative and engaging. The illustration for Nocturnal depicts enormous bats sailing across a starlight night sky, and the illustration for Life Cycle portrays the colorful transformation of a Monarch butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis to adult insect in flight. The books in the series represent an ideal tool for parents to read to or along with their child on a regular basis, with each new reading reinforcing the child’s language skills and scientific knowledge.


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