Juno My Baby Elephant

Ages: 5 and upManufacturer: Spin Master Toys


Juno My Baby Elephant is a charming interactive baby elephant that seemingly comes alive with training, nurturing, and play.

She has an animated trunk, floppy moving ears, expressive eyes and a wagging tail. Although on first meeting she’s very shy her personality becomes more playful, and even spunky, the more she’s attended to. The technology here is impressive: with 150 lifelike movements and sounds, Juno learns to eat her peanut (or sometimes throw it), and play with her toy mouse while singing. She bows, trumpets musically, plays peek-a-boo, and even dances.

Our young testers were captivated, and tickled pink about what they “taught” Juno to do. “Hurry, Mom! Come see what I taught Juno to do!” was heard more than once, in more than one family.

The toy includes: Juno My baby elephant, a mouse accessory, a peanut accessory, a Zoo Postcard, a progress report card, a care guide, and the instruction booklet.

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