Kanoodle Head to Head

Ages: 7 and upManufacturer: Educational Insights

Kanoodle Head to Head is an inventive puzzle game where players simultaneously compete to position their pieces on the board, accurately recreating the challenge card picture. It’s easy to learn and mind opening to play.

Divide the 16 puzzle pieces evenly between two players, set up the card holder, and insert a challenge card.
Players race to match their side of the board to the card’s image; the first player to complete the puzzle presses the Kanoodle button scattering their opponent’s pieces to the wind. But, if the solution is not correct, the Kanoodled player wins the round.

Contents include: a 2-player puzzle board with lid, 16 puzzle pieces (8 for each player), 40 double-sided challenge cards (80 puzzles!), game guide and lots of problem solving fun.

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