Kid Trax CAT Mining Dump Truck

Ages: 3 - 7Manufacturer: Kid Trax


This battery powered ride-on looks like a mini version of a real CAT construction vehicle. With room for two, a real working dump bed, and fun accessories like plastic boulders, a hardhat, lights, and motor and construction sounds, and even a functioning 2-way radio, this ride-on earned our recommendation.

Our tester parents found that the truck promotes lots of interactive and imaginative play. Kids worked at creating their own “construction sites”, then role played at different jobs that would be performed at a real site. They also apperreciated that the dump truck actually promotes a more physical type of interactive play. Loading and unloading items as well as riding around fully engaged the playful learning. They did not just drive around randomly but looked for ways to use the truck while they pretended to work and build while not inside of the truck constantly.

Performing well on most surfaces, our testers did note the vehicle can struggle with traction on grassy inclines, especially when loaded with two children. They also caution to be prepared to move quickly to keep up with the vehicle’s top speed of 5 mph! However, the speed didn’t seem unsafe or a raise a concern for the young drivers/passengers.

Note: the 12-volt battery requires a full 18-hours of “first-time” charging, so it would be best to plan ahead, or prepare your little-ones for a wait.


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