Klutz Jr. My Squishy Soap Dough

Ages: 4 and upManufacturer: Klutz


This super easy, super fun and functional craft kit isn’t something you create and display on a shelf, you make it, play with it, and then you can even bathe with it. With just a simple mix of glycerin and soap powder, kids will be rolling, shaping, and crafting the dough into bath time pals in no time.

The kit comes complete with everything needed to create three sudsy sidekicks: glycerin (scented with a sweet but not overpowering berry scent); 3 packets of soap powder in orange, lime green, and blue; kid-friendly illustrated instruction book; and googly eyes and waterproof character pieces to create fun soapy critters such as, a unicorn, a dragon, a narwhal, and more.

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