Klutz Maker Lab Radio Boombox

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: Klutz


The latest from Klutz’s Maker Lab line is the Radio Boombox: a STEM build kit to construct and wire a working FM radio.

The full-color easy to follow 32-page book contains: step-by-step instructions; “Pro Tips”; lessons such as, “How Your Radio Works”; explanations of the electromagnetic spectrum and radio waves; and games and activities. Our testers really tuned into these educational components and how they amped up a craft kit into a true learning kit.

Except for the 3 AAA batteries, the kit is fully equipped with everything needed to build the radio: receiver module, antenna, speaker, chipboard parts, battery holder and more. The receiver has an on/off switch and buttons to control the station tuner and the volume.

Makers first work to assemble the radio by connecting the speaker, receiver and battery pack. They then punch out and build the surprisingly sturdy retro-styled chipboard case to house the working parts. But the (fabulous) styling isn’t the only “retro” thing about this kit. Our parent testers were (happily) surprised to catch their kids listening to the radio on a “boom box” and not thru the computer, tablets, or phones.

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