Klutz Mini Grocery Store

Ages: 6 and upManufacturer: Klutz


With food play trending, this cute and clever kit has kids crafting their own food market items. With enough air-dry clay to make 20 clay “foods,” kids mold products from every aisle – Produce, Meat Market, Frozen Foods, and more – crafting a smiling shrimp, adorable eggplant, fancy frozen waffles, condiments, and more.

The colorfully illustrated instructions contain a step by step for each item and even show a size guide for sizing out portions of clay for each part of the mini “foods.” Our tester parents found this small detail a BIG help.

Fun details like labels, a shopping basket, and pizza boxes make this mini kit worth shopping for.

Krista Kane ©2019 Parents’ Choice

Krista has spent 16 years researching, testing, and playing with all manner of toys, games and gadgets. Although she spends her days with the new kids on the block, she’ll always have a soft spot for classic toys and games.

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