Klutz Sun Catchers

Ages: 10 and upManufacturer: Klutz


These no-glass stained glass sun catchers are a throwback to the melt in the oven “stained glass” kits of the 70’s. But no plastic beads, glass, or oven needed here—colorful translucent plastic sheets mimic the look of stained glass.

This kit comes with an instruction book with 60 design templates, suction cups, colored plastic sheets, sheets of sticky paper, puff paint, beads, string, and more. Crafters supply the scissors, tape and a pen. To create, kids pick a design from the book (or create their own), trace parts of the image onto the plastic sheets, cut them out, assemble them together on the sticky sheet, use the puff paint to outline their creation, let dry, then cut out and hang! Some of the adorable templates include: a seahorse, sloth, hummingbird, mushroom, and many more. Our testers had a hard time choosing a favorite, so they just created another, and another … and another.

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