Know Ohio

Ages: 8 - 12Producer: ideastream® Rating: TV Y - All Children

Know Ohio is the name of the two-to-four-minute informational video segments designed to help viewers know Ohio better. These interstitial videos appear in the middle of NewsDepth, the Ohio-based news show for schoolkids. The videos are also available for watching individually online on the Ideastream website.

The content is good. One segment was all about sweet treats from Ohio – like the Klondike Bar, which you might have guessed came from Alaska. But no. It was originally made by The Islay Dairy Company of Mansfield, Ohio. Another video focused on the Islands in Lake Eerie – concentrated in the western part, looking at the depth of the water there, geodes, memorials and glaciers on the islands. Another video is devoted to Island life in Ohio, while still another explains several Ohio “creepy crawlers,” including a beetle, a caterpillar and a spider.

A host (it’s not the same person on every video) essentially imparts the short, informative, easy-to-digest pieces. It would be fun to see other states take a page from the Ohio playbook and created informative, educational videos, too.


Ann Oldenburg ©2020 Parents’ Choice

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