Ages: 5 - 10Developer: Kodable Operating System: iOSSubscription Price: $ 6.99 per Month

Kodable is a welcome addition to the coding for kids space, designed by teachers and computer science specialists especially for children ages 4-10. After a parent has set up the account, even pre-readers can get rolling with Kodable’s little roly poly characters called Fuzzes.

Through simple steps, supported by a fun and intuitive hint system, kids start with sequencing and order of operations, quickly advancing to conditional logic. Before long, they’ll be working on syntax and variables and be ready for actual object oriented programming. The Fuzzes are there throughout, and as kids progress they are able to customize their Fuzz with different expressions and accessories.

This isn’t just any fun coding app, either; it is aligned with both Common Core and CSTA standards. Simple assessments are built in to the gameplay, ensuring that kids really connect with the concepts before moving forward. With this fun and experiential approach, young learners will internalize the basic programming elements as well as build their critical thinking and collaboration skills. With hundreds of hours worth of educational and entertaining activities, it is well worth the subscription cost of $6.99/month or $59.99/year.

Jennifer Wells ©2020 Parents’ Choice

For more than 20 years, Jennifer has been developing play experiences for children, with beloved organizations like Highlights and LEGO. With a Master’s degree in Children & Media, a Bachelor’s in Music, and a love of Star Trek, Jennifer has many layers.

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