LALABOOM 5 in 1 educational beads – 30 pcs set

Ages: 1 and upManufacturer: TRALALA LTD

The colorful and “can’t wait to touch” 30-piece LALABOOM bead set provides an open-ended supply of play and developmental opportunities—encouraging exploration, creativity and delightful adult-child co-play.

Our youngest testers explored textures via mouths and fingers; others were ready for grasping and twisting. Toddlers began connecting and stacking, followed by sorting and creating. Fine motor skills develop as a child works through her ability to separate, twist, click, stack and connect, or even lace the beads. The durable plastic beads are easily cleaned, stored, and portable. And did we say they’re fun?! A new-found favorite for young and not so young.

Parents’ Choice ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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