LeapStart® Go

Ages: 4 - 8Manufacturer: Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc


The LeapStart® Go interactive learning system features a stylus that’s designed to be easy to hold and maneuver through the compatible books and activity sets.

Our parent testers called the LeapStart Go an engaging meeting of technology and traditional books. Independent of the stylus, the colorful educational books (science, math, and reading) are enjoyable; when the stylus is properly loaded with the accompanying content, the audio and video details launch an interactive experience.

The music and songs make lessons easier to remember and retain. Our young and curious testers pronounced this as fun, not homework. And our parent testers celebrated that their young ones used the LeapStart® Go independently; they also enjoyed the co-playing fun of learning.

Although our adults encountered an error on the packaging and start-up guides of the samples they tested, (an incorrect website listed for downloads) the LeapFrog website was enough to establish the parent account as instructed. Once set up, all went smoothly.

LeapStart® Go offers a library of 25+ books and specifically designed activity sets which are sold separately.


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