LEGO® DUPLO® Playroom

Ages: 2 and upManufacturer: LEGO


The self-contained 17-piece LEGO® DUPLO® Playroom is a go-to delight. The boy and girl play figures sang happy birthday, brought balloons to mom, shared cupcakes (which were sometimes ice cream cones), played on a rocking horse, and sat together as they pointed to the numbers 1 – 10. The interior of the house-shaped box is decorated like a party, the box itself serves as playroom and storage.

Compatible with other LEGO® DUPLO® pieces, some of our testers added favorite figures and elements to make a welcome home party for grandparents and pets. Fine motor skills, vocabulary, imagination and fun – all packed together in this well priced toy.


Parents’ Choice ©2020 Parents’ Choice

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