Ages: 4 and upManufacturer: Popular Playthings


Playing, creating, thinking – comments our parent testers used about how their young ones used LinkaBLOX. These brightly-colored Blox interlock, making 2- and 3-dimensional figures and builds.

This is a toy for various ages and levels, offering success and fun during each play period. The designs often begin as abstract creations and turn into unexpected surprises such as, mountains for dinosaurs and other animal creations to climb upon, vehicles, and animal shapes.

The set contains 60 out-of-the-ordinary pieces that snap together easily. Disassembling the parts can be a bit tricky, initially. However, as kids learn to manipulate the pieces, the design possibilities are endless. The Idea Manual is excellent and provides easy-to-follow picture instructions with no reading necessary. Even the youngest child can quickly learn to follow directions with minimal adult intervention.

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