Long Nose Legacy: A Dog’s Story of Royalty and Loyalty

Ages: 8 - 12Publisher: Art Deco Dog PublishingNarrator: Stephen KearinAuthor: J. G. Eastman

This charming tale of Gracie, a Russian Wolfhound – or Borzoi – show dog, begins by introducing the elite mother dog and her four darling pampered pooch puppies. And if you’ve ever wondered what your dog — or any dog — is thinking, this story will give you a good idea, as it is told completely from the Borzoi point of view. The two male puppies get whisked away fairly soon by new “parents.” The two young females become the focus of the tale.

Little Carnegie, who takes on her mother’s regal attitude, plans to run away to Russia so she can hunt wolves (“woofs”) and lounge on velvet blankets, as she has heard is her breed’s heritage and ancestry. Her modest and humble sister, Madison, just wants to be loved. But it’s Madison who winds up being chosen by their owner to enter the show ring competitions, while Carnegie is adopted by a young girl, Anastasia, who has moved to a new neighborhood and desperately needs a friend.

Will the two puppies find the environments that fit them best? Trouble ensues, Cruella de Vil characters emerge, tears are shed, and fur gets very tangled.

Stephen Kearin expertly and delightfully narrates the story, perfectly voicing the snooty aristocratic show dog, her pups, their human owner and every other character in the story,  from a kindly veterinarian to an elderly horse. The opening of the story took its time getting to the more dramatic, adventurous parts of the tale, but once you’ve fallen in love with these canines, you won’t be able to stop listening to find out if they’ll ever figure out what home really means.


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