Lost in Oz

Ages: 6 - 10Publisher: Amazon Studios

This isn’t the Oz you know and love from the classic 1939 film. Lost in Oz is a snazzy, computer-generated, Daytime Emmy award-winning, action-packed series from Amazon Video. It’s modern, hip and inclusive.

There is a Dorothy, and she is 12 and from Kansas. One day she discovers her mother’s magical journal, opens it and a powerful twinkling tornado shoots her—and her little dog, Toto—to a very futuristic and edgy Oz.

She befriends sarcastic West, a young witch with a wild swoosh of hair, and Ojo, a sweet, bigheaded Munchkin. Sometimes Reigh the Lion, who can become invisible, shows up. And of course there’s the Scarecrow. There’s a villain–Languidere (West’s aunt), who is a shape-shifter—and there’s Glinda, the good witch who keeps getting banished or jailed or otherwise taken out of commission. Dorothy is on a quest to help Glinda, but most of all wants to find her way back home to Kansas.

While all the other characters bounce around and are caught up in the world of Oz, Dorothy is the solid, thoughtful thinker and problem-solver in the gang, the one who also shows emotion, bravery, kindness and caring.

There are other obstacles and subplots happening–things can get confusing if you aren’t paying close attention. Holograms, flying chariots, monorails and colorful characters of all shapes and sizes can be found in this magical Oz. But the one constant: Our hero, Dorothy, is an appealing role model for young viewers.

Ann Oldenburg ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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