Lovevery Toddler Play Kit: The Pioneer

Ages: 1 and upManufacturer: Lovevery


The Pioneer Play Kit by Lovevery includes 10 toys: an organic cotton ball, two board books, a wooden racecar ramp with two cars, a felt bug jar with three felt bugs, a mirror, a small box with a mouse and sleep sack, a “Simon Says” activity cube, a wooden shapes puzzle, and a threadable bead kit with a drawstring bag.

Lovevery has taken traditional toys and made them with high quality materials, often with novel twists. For example, Simon Says is reimagined as a cotton cube with pictures of a different child on each side. Parents and children take turns rolling the cube and engaging in the tasks presented – wiggle your ears or touch your toes. The insect shapes stick to the felt-wrapped bug jar, and the wooden shapes puzzle reveals photographs of “friends.”

The Play Guide is an elegantly presented wealth of information about how to use the toys to build developmental skills as well as suggestions for enjoyable age appropriate everyday activities. And parents won’t have to rely on memory for the activities; the convenient “ring” binder is just right for attaching to a stroller or knapsack. The “what to expect” section provides important information and practical advice that every parent should read.

The Pioneer Kit’s toys and activities hone skills across all developmental domains on Parents’ Choice Foundation’s PlayAbility Scale™: The Simon Says cube and the books scored high for developing cognitive, academic, language and social-emotional skills such as following instructions, taking turns, and learning to label and identify body parts and emotions. The bug jar and mouse toys tap creativity skills through imaginary play; the puzzle, bead kit, and racecar ramp scored high on developing fine motor skills; and young pioneers will call on emotional regulation skills when tasks provide challenges that will require persistence and patience.

The elements and materials are gender neutral in hue and diverse in skin tone. In short, the Pioneer Play kit is excellent in concept, content and production.

Karena Rush, Ph.D. ©2019 Parents’ Choice

Karena Rush is a professor in the Psychology Department at Millersville University. Karena, her husband and two teenage daughters spend their free time outdoors away from screens and with their old English sheepdog.

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