Magna-Qubix® 29-Piece Set

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Magna-Tiles


Magna-Qubix is a new take on building blocks from the makers of Magna-Tiles, mainstay of magnetic building toys. This building set includes 29 polyhedral objects: 4 square pyramids, 8 triangular prisms, 12 cubes, 2 hexagonal prisms and 3 rectangular prisms. Each object contains several magnets, just like Magna-Tiles, but here the magnets flip to enable the shapes to easily attract in the desired orientation.

Magna-Qubix shapes are compatible with Magna-Tiles, although the magnet placements don’t always properly align for construction purposes. Our testers were hApproved Award Winnery to take these bright-colored shapes on their own and make castles and fanciful houses. The magnets hold well and are still easy for a child to separate.

Connecting the shapes results in a satisfying click sound, providing gratification for adults too! Magna-Qubix is an excellent choice for building fine motor, spatial and tactile skills.

Jennifer Wells ©2019 Parents’ Choice

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