Magna-Tiles® Freestyle 40-Piece Set

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Magna-Tiles


Compatible with all other Magna Tiles sets, the 40-piece Freestyle set contains: 12 “x” shapes, 16 small squares, 6 equilateral triangles, 4 right triangles and 2 “T” shapes. The new “x” shape tiles contain 9 moveable magnets that allow kids to build in any direction and add another dimension to the creation. An included instruction sheet offers up ideas and sparked the imaginations to create their own designs.

Some examples include: the three-year olds made simple 2-D bridges on the rug, using the colored and transparent tiles to make patterns. They used the transparent tiles to make 4-sided, cube-shaped garages, which turned into a game when they changed items inside. The older children built more complex structures, allowing them to use the freestyle tiles with greater purpose. And an eight-year old (who is an experienced builder) initially made the comment: “Let’s build a tower to see how stable the tiles are.”

Although our testers commented that the cost of the set is high, they (and we) feel it’s an investment in play worth making.

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