Magnetic Build A Truck

Ages: 2 and upManufacturer: Popular Playthings

The Magnetic Build-A-Truck is a vehicle construction set sized for little hands. It comes with one four-wheel base and five magnetic pieces that can be used to build various brightly-colored trucks with moving pieces and wheels that glide easily over hard surfaces. Little builders can snap pieces together to make a cement truck with a spinning tank, a dump truck, front loader, plow, or mix and match the pieces to suit the imaginative need.

My two year old tries to take at least part of this truck set everywhere he goes. He loves mixing and matching the pieces to make a “front-roader”, and a “tractor like Grandpa’s”. His favorite is to build both at the same time. This little truck set is super sturdy. It has been dropped and thrown on tile and cement and are no worse for the wear after hours of hard play.

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