Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: USAopoly


With a 70’s look, a retro name and a game show premise Match-O-Rama had our testers scratching their heads and cheering.

Players work to predict how friends and family will answer questions like “something you pack in a lunch box, or the person in the room with the best hair, or a vegetable that tastes better cooked.

Designed for 4-8 players ages 8+, each player gets a dry erase board and a marker. The blue and orange category cards are shuffled and placed faced down as a deck on the table. The top category card is turned up for all players to see. Players then use the back side of the next card on the deck to determine in which direction play proceeds and which of the three categories (A, B, or C) players must address. All players then write their answers on their board and keep the answer to themselves. Each player then sets their prediction dials to wager on how many chances they think they need to make a match. Fewer chances earn more points. Then, all players reveal their answers and read them aloud and the scoring – and the laughing – begins.  The first player to get 35 points wins

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