Me and My Sister

Ages: 3 - 7Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.Author/Illustrator: Rose Robbins


Without using the word “autism,” English author-illustrator Rose Robbins features the challenging but loving relationship between a brother and his differently-abled sister. The unnamed brother is the book’s first-person narrator, observing his sister with both affection and occasional exasperation (especially when he is “told off” for a behavior and his sister isn’t). The boy recognizes that sometimes his sister doesn’t like hugs, so they high-five instead. It’s ok that not all of their likes and dislikes are the same, because there are lots of things they share—and “my sister knows how to make me laugh,” he says. The siblings are depicted in Robbins’ boldly colored, idiosyncratic illustrations as anthropomorphic kid canines (pointy ears, no tails). Robbins, whose own experience growing up with a brother with autism inspired the book, writes about mental health issues and is part of Inclusive Minds, an organization promoting “diversity and equality in children’s literature.


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