Mission Unstoppable

Ages: 13 - 16Producer: Litton Entertainment Rating: TV G - General Audience

Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) is a 30-minute magazine-style show spotlighting women in STEM-related careers.

In a series aimed squarely (and proudly) at teen girls, leading researchers and scientists describe their work and what inspired them to become experts in their fields. In addition to the familiar tracks of astronauts and oceanographers, viewers meet an enthusiastic woman with a PhD in mammals of the order Chiroptera (aka bats), another who mastered 3D printing for prosthetic limbs, a paleo-ecologist, and the founder of a nonprofit called Girls Garage, where power tools play a significant role.

Additional segments showed a STEM Battle that puts two teams to a challenge (build a Leonardo da Vinci designed bridge anyone?) a laboratory-ish DIY piece about the chemistry of an ice cream shell and a Magic is Science spot where we learn about the physics that suck a hard boiled egg into a glass milk jar.  Each episode ends with a One Last Thing to show viewers that, for example, failure is a part of science, and the importance of thinking about questions no one else has asked.

The production values are solid, and the interesting content is paced for teens. Sure, the personable interviewers help make the scientist-subjects approachable, but it’s the passion for, and commitment to, their work, coupled with the encouraging words for young women that puts the shine on this show.


Claire Green ©2020 Parents’ Choice

Claire is president of Parents’ Choice Foundation and serves as a judge on several national toy and music award committees. She champions toys, books, and media that offer children new perspectives and playful adventures in learning.