Mix & Match-a-Saurus™

Ages: 2 - 5Manufacturer: Vtech


The Mix-and-Match-A-Saurus was an instant hit. Our young testers were eager to examine and place the different “learning” tiles: three emotion tiles (happy, angry, sleepy), three music tiles (hip hop, marching, ballet) and three character tiles (dinosaur, robot, monster). Each tile causes the dinosaur to either move, sing, dance, or talk. The 27 possible tile combinations let children “program” the dinosaur. We especially liked how attentive our toddler testers were to the social-emotional lessons.


Without adult assistance or prompting, our testers learned how to change tiles, even when the dinosaur asked for specific moods, dances or actions. They sang and demonstrated pride when the dinosaur made movements based on their input. When learners are engaged, they find more ways to explore and discover.

Our parent testers noted that the Mix-and-Match-A-Saurus does a commendable job of creating a layered experience, combining many activities into a sequenced, predictable game. The self-storage was a fun clean up lesson for the children and an added plus for moms.  4 AA batteries are required.

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