Ages: 4 and upDeveloper: Giuseppe Ragazzini


Mixerpiece is a sandbox-style art app in which users choose from over two hundred items including, but not limited to, shapes, body parts, fruits, landscapes, and backgrounds to create their own digital masterpieces. Works can be saved to a personal gallery, shared for public exhibition, or sent as a postcard.

Once selected and placed on the “canvas,” the elements can be resized, rotated, and even moved from place to place. A long tap/press displays an image of the original artwork from which the object came as well as the artist, the title, and information about the composition. Digital artists may choose objects from various styles and time periods— a pitcher from Cezanne’s Still Life Pitcher and Fruit, a dress from Sandro Botticelli’s Primavera, or a cat from Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of Piere Loti. Not sure you like the results but don’t want lose the chosen elements? Shake the iPad to scramble the components across the screen to make something new.

This clever (and thankfully silent) app encourages creativity, new perspectives, and fascinating ways to explore masterpieces and the artists who made them.

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