Monster Match

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: North Star Games LLC

In this screamingly fun matching game, players have a real crisis on their hands. Monsters have stolen all the donuts and it’s their job to get them back!

Players set out 10 “monster cards” around a “Zilch” token. They then roll the dice and work to find a card that matches their roll. Speed is important here, but so is a sharp eye. Not only do players race to find a matching monster, they must help rescue the donuts, by claiming the matching card – with the most donuts!

No matches? No problem. Touch the “Zilch” token and lay out more cards. Once all the cards have been played, the winner (and hero, in our book) is the player that rescued the most donuts.

The fun package makes this game easily portable; the replay value speaks for itself: “It’s time to rescue the donuts!” was the new game night rallying cry.

Parents’ Choice ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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