Monti Kids

Ages: 3 - 8Manufacturer: Monti Kids Subscription Price: $ 297 per Quarter


The Monti Kids subscription concept brings the developmentally appropriate stimulation and engagement of the Montessori method to a home environment, through explanatory videos and high-quality toys.
Each Monti Kids box includes between 6-12 beautiful, sustainably-sourced toys. Each toy supports the development of a variety of essential skills. Boxes 1 through 3 (ages 0-10 months), include mobiles and grasping toys to help the child focus on visual tracking, developing muscle tone and gross motor skills. Boxes 4 through 6 (ages 11-22 months), build on these fundamentals, adding fine motor skills through activities such as stacking, sorting, simple puzzles, lacing and stringing beads. Boxes 7 and 8 (ages 23-36 months) add more advanced toys and games to develop language, working memory and basic math skills.
A series of videos on the Monti Kids website instructs the caregiver in how to set up a play space, how to introduce each activity, and how to encourage exploration of each toy’s innate properties. Adults do have a bit of homework before they get started; the videos are well presented and extremely detailed, showing every aspect of each activity in depth. The video introduction for each box takes approximately 7 minutes to view; each toy introduction video is about 2 minutes long. For those caregivers interested in understanding the Montessori method, the website also includes references to research behind each week’s activity and how it supports a child’s development.
Monti Kids boxes are shipped quarterly, delivering developmentally appropriate activities to explore and enjoy. The toys themselves are high quality, colorful and durable. Toys are packaged individually, ready to present when the time is right. Each quarterly kit includes a storage bag to keep smaller pieces together.
Overall, between the quality of the toys and the depth of the supporting material, a Monti Kids subscription is an excellent value. It is designed especially for parents who want to gain a greater understanding of all aspects of their child’s growth and development, while also engaging the child with beautiful toys that will stand the test of time, and inquisitive children.

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For more than 20 years, Jennifer has been developing play experiences for children, with beloved organizations like Highlights and LEGO. With a Master’s degree in Children & Media, a Bachelor’s in Music, and a love of Star Trek, Jennifer has many layers.

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