Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Spin Master Toys

The Moonlite Storybook projector adds a different kind of magic to story time. Here, pairing a smart phone with reading aloud is less about screen time and more about storybook images and the fun of “reading” together. Moonlite neither teaches reading, not promises that it does.

Moonlite easily clips onto a smartphone and uses the phone’s flashlight to project illustrations onto a wall. a ceiling, or inside a blanket fort. The gift pack set includes five stories each with its own set of 12 pictures, in a mini original Viewmaster-like format. There are four Little Golden Books stories (which made parent testers nostalgic) and one from Sago Mini which made preschoolers squeal with delight. The story text appears on the phone’s screen for mom or dad or older sibling to read. Some words are highlighted and pressing them launches sound effects. The design is clever, the app is free to download, set up is easy and the projector is not at all cumbersome to use. The well documented tutorial makes it a breeze. But there are ads for other Moonlite formatted stories, so be prepared to hear requests for more.

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