Ages: 8 - 13Manufacturer: Fat Brain Toys


Morphy is a game of pattern recognition that’s cheerfully checkerboard-like in appearance and mind-bending fun in play.

The gameboard is 4 x 4 grid of pegs, 60 colorful discs and a white ball. The object of the game is to move the game ball from one peg to another connecting the discs in as long a run as possible by landing on a disc that’s different in only one attribute: a pattern, a color, or the size of the center circle. Finding the first change is relatively easy, but from there, things get interesting. As matches are made, discs are collected, and the grid restocked. The player who connects and collects the most discs wins.

For example, starting with the ball on the orange striped disc and a small center circle, a player can move to an orange disc with polka dots and a small center circle, or a green striped disc and a small center circle, or an orange striped disc on a medium center circle or … A turn ends when no more jumps are possible. Every turn makes a change, and every change makes a turn.

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