Mo’s Bows: A Young Person’s Guide to Start-Up Success: Measure, Cut, Stitch Your Way to a Great Business

Publisher: Running Press KidsNarrator: Moziah BridgesAuthor: Moziah Bridges

No one knows Moaziah Bridges’ story better than Moziah Bridges. That’s why it’s so delightful to hear him expertly read the tale of Mo’s Bows. It’s his personal adventure into turning his passion for bow ties into a business, and as he reads his story, he knows just how to punctuate and enunciate and otherwise punch up the story. It’s from his heart. His authentic emotion is just part of the allure.

In addition to sharing his thoughts about what drove him to create Mo’s Bows, his bow-tie company based in Memphis, Tennessee, the book is a guide for any young entrepreneur. Mo started his at age 9 in 2011. Now his ties are sold through his website and in Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and elsewhere.

In the book, he offers insights, lessons learned and key business tips. For example, he shares with readers his BOWS of Business: Believe in yourself, take the Opportunity to give back, Work hard/study hard, and have Support from friends and family. In his case, support ranged from his grandmother, who worked with him to perfect his sewing skills, to Shark Tank star, author and businessman Damon John, who mentored Mo when he needed it most. Mo went from selling ties in his elementary school to creating bow ties for President Barack Obama and many NBA stars.

Kids should listen to the book to be inspired by Mo’s story and to get solid and useful information about how to start a business. At one point, Mo notes the value of giving away samples to help boost awareness of his product. It later paid off. Tips like that can come in very handy for budding tycoons. And if nothing else, it’s enjoyable just to hear Mo talk.


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